Euro Plus


Who to Call if You Breakdown

If your vehicle breaks down in the territorial limits (UK) please call our 24 hour Control Centre on: 01206 714 335

For assistance in the territorial limits (Europe), call us on: 0044 1206 714 335

If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired, please send a text message containing your full name, policy number, vehicle registration, and policy postcode to 07537 404890.

What to do if You Breakdown

Please have the following information ready to provide to our rescue co-ordinator:

  • Your return telephone number
  • Your policy number and vehicle registration
  • The precise location of your vehicle (or as accurate as you are able in the circumstances).

Once we have taken your details and made all the arrangements we will contact you to advise which recovery operator will be attending and how long they are expected to take. Where possible, please ensure your mobile phone is available to accept calls at all times in case we need to contact you.

You will need to be with your vehicle when the recovery operator arrives. If you would prefer not to wait with the vehicle or it is unsafe to do so, please inform our rescue co-ordinator who will arrange a call on approach so you have sufficient time to return to the vehicle.

It is your responsibility to guard your safety and abide by the rules of the Highway Code. Please advise our rescue co-ordinator if you feel it is not safe to remain within eyesight of the vehicle.

In the event of a breakdown on a motorway where you have no means of contacting us or are unaware of your location, please use the nearest SOS box and advise the Emergency Services of our telephone number, they will then contact us to arrange assistance. If the Police or Highways Agency are present at the scene, please advise them that you have contacted us and provide them with our telephone number to call us on your behalf.